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The (Unofficial) Realistic Pro-2003
Scanner HomePage

This page is dedicated to disseminating information about the Realistic™ (RadioShack - A Division of Tandy Corporation) Pro-2003 Scanner.   While there are sites out there dedicated to other Realistic™ scanner models, we could not find one dedicated to our favorite -- the model Pro-2003.

If you have information to add to this site, or links to suggest, please email us.  It would be really useful to have schematics, mods, tweeks, etc.

Links to Pro-2003 Resources At This Site:

Pro-2003 Operating Instructions
Improve the Squelch in Your Monitor Receiver - Includes Pro-2003
Baseband Audio - Discriminator Chip Output - Includes Pro-2003
High Performance S-Meter for Pro-2003, 4, 5, 6

Other Scanner Related Resources:

Realistic Pro-2004, 2005, and 2006 Modifications
General Scanner Spec Database
BC895 Discriminator Information
Frequency Allocation Reference Page

CB Radio Related Information

Micronta Field Strength and SWR Tester (Radio Shack P/N 210-0525)
PLL Cross Reference Data

Links To Other Web Sites

Radio Shack Support Page- presently (9/15/98) lacks Model Pro-2003 specific information

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