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Micronta Field Strength and SWR Tester
(210-0525)                 Troubleshooting            Faxback Doc. # 48545


High SWR readings can be caused by many different things.  One way to
narrow down the source of trouble is to connect a Dummy Load (RadioShack
sells 52 Ohm loads) to the ANT connector of the FS/SWR TESTER.  If you get
a very low SWR reading, your CB unit and the coax connector on the FS/SWR
TESTER are good and you have a problem with either your antenna coaxial
cable or the antenna.

Things to look for are a poor ground connection, a broken or improperly
installed antenna or a bad coaxial cable or coaxial connectors.  A reading
close to the SET position usually indicates an open circuit or an open
ground connection due to a faulty connector a broken piece of coax.  If
the SWR reads bad (high) with the Dummy Load connected to the FS/SWR
TESTER, there is either a bad connection or an open Dummy Load.  If there
is a problem with the CB unit, take it to a qualified Electronics Service

The subjects of standing wave ratios, input and output power, and
modulation are very well covered in technical publications such as the
A.R.R.L. Handbook and books on the entire subject of Citizen's Band Radio.
If you are interested, it will be well worth your time and effort to study
some of these books (see your local public library).

This Citizen's Band test monitor permits you to check the relative
strength of your transmitted signal and gives you an indication of how
well your CB unit (Transceiver) is matched to your antenna system.  You
can disconnect it from the CB system to measure field strength (FS) and
antenna radiation patterns.  For SWR measurements, connect the FS/SWR
TESTER between the CB unit and the antenna system.  You can leave it
permanently connected to monitor any changes in SWR.

(BR/eb 6/30/98)

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