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Use this information wisely!

Winston Smith Big Brother is Watching You!

Be Prepared . . .

Ever since I was a young child, I understood the importance of this statement.   Although I was never a Boy Scout (or Girl Scout for that matter ;), it has been my life-long personal motto.  I have learned from the "great" wars of the past, the stock market crash of '29, the Great Depression, the naive '50s, the turbulent '60s, the Cold War, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, the various Middle East crisis', the collapse of the Soviet Union, the failure of the Asian economy, the collapse of Russian economy, the non-event called Y2K, and now the terrorist attacks of 2001 on America.

Times have always been precarious.  History does repeat itself. And we are stupid if we are led as sheep, rely on the government to take care of us, and do not prepare.   Wake up!  Grow up!  Take responsibility for your own personal destiny.

My name is Winston Smith.  I know that it is odd, perhaps my parents had a strange sense of humor, perhaps it was destiny.   I have worked in the military, private industry, consulted, homesteaded (not necessarily in that order), but have always made it my life long goal to learn continually, and perpetually be prepared for uncertainty.

Granted, you can never know what life will deal you next, but you can try and guess.   Exercise that jell inside your skull and make your best stab at it.  God gave most of us the power of reason and free will . . . it is up to us to use these gifts.

Unlike other writers you may meet or run across, I have nothing to gain from you.   I do not sell this information and I am not looking for followers.  I am not a radical, a racist, I do not want our government to fail, I vote every election, and believe in the Constitution of the United States.   I am not part of ANY organized group, including, but not limited to, a militia, a branch of the government, a sports team, a service club, a fraternal organization, an organized religion, or a self-help group.

I do believe that the government is not there to take care of us . . . that is our responsibility.  Government should be strong locally and representative at the State and Federal levels.  It should be striped back to how it was under Jefferson.   Although I tend to vote Republican, Libertarianism is the better political party.

Enough of that . . . please do not get turned off by a particular individuals beliefs.   That is actually what makes this country interesting, fresh, and unique.  I hope that you will not be reactionary, but instead, humbling yourself in prayer, really try and understand why you were born into this world, at this particular moment in time, and live out the plan that God has in store for you . . . whatever that might be.

Note:  If you email me, please expect long delays in replies.  I only get off of the mountain and down to the local public library to access mail about once per month.  If you are patient, I will reply.

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