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Winston Smith

Salary requirements: $1,000USD per day plus expenses. Per diems and 70% retainer for the contract period to be paid in advance with the remainder paid at the contract end date.

Duration: A contractual employment agreement not to initially exceed 3 months.

Restrictions: Mr. Smith requires electronic mail communication prior to entering into an employment agreement. If the terms are acceptable, he will provide and/or coordinate consulting services for a maximum of 10 hours per day 5 days per week on average. Scheduled hours are negotiable and are dependant on salary and environmental considerations. An increase of scheduled hours due to travel; special circumstances and or an increased threat assessment are acceptable.

Travel: Anywhere within the U.S. Application for US passport renewal pending.

Proficiencies: Systems analysis.  Security and counterespionage services.  Corporate intelligence gathering. 
Experience:  Military background with secret clearance.  For private industry, created threat assessments, managed implementation of systems, created policies and procedures relating to physical facilities security, coordinated contract guard services and armed response contracting.  Responsible for disaster preparedness and recovery planning, systems security measures.
Specialties: Corporate facility and electronic systems security / threat assessment.  Complex project management.


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