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Win's Classic Text Files

Survival Gardening & Food Files

These text files are written from the unique points of view of their respective authors.  Most of these files were written in the golden era of survivalism during the cold war.  With the demise of the Soviet Union, the fat years of the 90s, and an increasingly liberal press, the term survivalist took on negative connotations associated with right-wing, militant, white- supremist radicals.  

Survivalists are simply folks who are dedicated to following a self-reliant lifestyle, typically they vote conservatively and thoughtfully, many are Libertarians, and although preparing for the worst case scenarios that life can dish out, they are not negative.  That is, survivalists tend to live life more fully than most suburb-dwelling liberals who go to work, pay their taxes and expect the government to take care of everything else.

These files are classics written by well known survivalists and examples of documents that were found on the old, pre-Internet, bulletin-board systems (BBS) in the '80s.  You can click on a link to view the text file or right-click and save to your hard drive.

This information is presented for historical and informational purposes only.  Authors are duly noted where available.  We do not agree with all opinions presented nor do we condone any illegal practices.  We are not responsible for how you use this information.  Please also remember that much of it is 20 or more years old.  If you are interested in a subject, research it to verify that a business mentioned is still around, a law is still valid, or the opinion is still current or valid.  Acting on old information is for ignorant people and third world nations! 

Stored Food Pests FAQ
Chile Peppers Homeopathic Uses
Food Storage Program (.exe)
Coffee from Dandelion Roots
Southern California Planting Calendar
Favorite Ways to Eat Zucchini and Tomatillos
Distilling Alcohol
Types of Alcohol
The Herb Basil
On Grilling and BBQing
Blueberries for the Garden
Botany Textbook
Growing Vine Type Berries
Broccoli Production
Make Your Own Trail food (PCX Included)
Large File on Brewing Beer
The Herb Chives
Making Cider
Original Coca-Cola Recipe
On Growing Cucumbers
Dove Recipes and Cooking
Making Dry Ice
Fertilizer Information
Home Fruit Production - Figs
Growing Your Own Food
Fishtime Ver. 3.5
Garden Planning
Gardening Without Digging - Soil Preparation
The Herb Garlic
Gardener's Assistant - Garden Planning
Herb Power v2.0 The Ultimate Guide
PCX of Hotbed for Plants
Improving your Whitetail Deer Hunting
Hunting to Survive
How to Plant and Grow Food Like the Indians
Jerky Recipes
Planting by the Moon Phase
Information on Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's)
Getting Food After a Nuclear War
Nut Trees
How to Grow Net Trees from Seeds
Organic Gardening Programs
Organic Gardening Information
Garden Pest Control
Gardener's Journal
Pit Cooking Seafood
Gardening/Sustainable Agriculture Info.
Plant Database
Raised Bed Gardening
Tree Database
Various Sauces
All Types of Sausage - Venison, Pork, Beef
Seed Suppliers and Sources
Seed catalog Program
Storing Seeds Safely and Effectively
Home Smoking of Fish, Poultry, and Game
Spices and Their Uses
More on Spices
Even More Spices
Spices PCX file
Garden Spray Recipes
Cooking Squirrel
Lots of Food Storage Information - Year
Vacuum Power
Cooking Venison
Making Wine
More on Making Wine
Growing a Winter Herb Garden
Selfheal Series - Ailments and Healing With Vitamins
ALSTONIA -The Art of Sexual Herbalism
Blood-Purifying TEA Recipe...
What makes Peppers Hot! Uses of Capsicum
Excerpts from Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets, 1861. Many good home remedies.
Using Herbs for Remedies...
Herbal Pharmacology Glossary
Food Storage Program (calculates needs for your family)
FAQ from newsgroup (well organized!)
Apache Cooking
Get Birds Into Your Yard
Meat Storage and Preservation
The Survival Still
Making a Still
Food Storage
The Root Cellar
Food Preservation FAQ's
H-A Journal List of Psychoactive Drugs
Herbology Helper Ver. 8.0
Herb Remedies and Preventative Herbalism
In Depth Info. on Twelve Common Herbs
Basic Herbal Medicinal Info.
Basic Herb Fact Sheet
Herbal Materia Medica 4.0
Articles from The Herbalist Newsletter
How to Make Plants Multiply

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