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Hitachi's MEW Chip

I received the following email.  It looked to unbelievable to be true but after doing about 5 seconds of research, it was confirmed.  The implications are vast.

Subject:  CASH COPS PATROL AIRPORTS: for terrorism or tax collector?


A tiny new chip called "MEW", from Hitachi can be

woven into paper money, and used for identification

and surveillance tracking. The chip measures just

0.4 millimeters on a side, and stores security codes.

Airport police, called CASH COPS, already in

force, look forward to using the new technology.

Called Mew, the chip stores identity and security information, which it can transmit wirelessly. A tiny computer chip that can be embedded in paper bank notes, was developed by Hitachi (HIT), to be launched in the fall of 2001.

The chip was developed as an anti-counterfeiting device.  Documents or bills containing the chip can be authenticated immediately with a wireless chip reader.

The Mew chip, measuring less than half a millimeter across, is so small that it isn't damaged if the document or bill is folded.

The Mew chip works in the 2.45-GHz band and includes 128 bits of ROM. It can transmit up to 30 centimeters when attached to a separate antenna. Hitachi plans to incorporate the antenna in future designs.

For privacy advocates and those who like the anonymity that currency has lended to transactions, this technology may very well end this era and allow another tool for Big Brother to keep track of us.

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